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Advertising Standards

We at Science Careers and the American Association for the Advancement of Science are committed to providing the best medium to recruit scientists on the web. We thank you for your posting and for helping us to maintain the integrity of our brand name, Science and Science Careers. In order to preserve the user experience on sciencecareers.org, advertisers must comply with our advertising standards as stated below.

1.        All jobs listed on sciencecareers.org must represent full-time, salaried positions. Postings promoting any franchise, distributorship, or other business opportunity that requires an up-front or periodic payment, pays commissions only, or requires recruitment of other members are strictly prohibited.

2.        Each posting will represent ONE career opportunity. Multiple job postings under one listing are subject to rejection by the publisher.

3.        Each posting shall not contain the following: any copyrighted material unless you are the copyright owner or have permission of the copyright owner to post it; any material that is considered discriminatory, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, and/or abusive; and any material that contains verbiage or images that are sexually explicit. All job postings are subject to publisher’s approval.

4.        All ads submitted for publication must comply with applicable US and non-US laws. Science reserves the right to refuse any advertisement at its sole discretion for any reason, including without limitation for offensive language or inappropriate content, and all advertising is subject to Publisher approval.

5.        AAAS shall not be responsible for the accuracy of information and shall not verify, review, or revise information prior to posting. AAAS makes no warranty, guarantee, or representation with respect to candidate’s capabilities or qualifications.

6.        Upon meeting all payment requirements, each listing will be posted within one business day and stay up for eight weeks, subject to the above conditions.

7.        This service is provided for the convenience of its users. AAAS is not an employment agency, an employer, or union; AAAS is not acting for or on behalf of any employment agency, recruiter, employer, or candidate. AAAS is simply providing a medium through which those seeking employment and those seeking employees may contact one another.

By posting a job, you acknowledge reading and accepting these advertising standards and you represent, warrant, and agree that you are not in violation of these standards, and agree to indemnify AAAS from any damages related to your use of this service. We reserve the right to reject any ad at our discretion. These terms are subject to change at any time.

Payment Terms

Online job postings must be paid for online with a credit card via the payment gateway.

Paying online means your ad will be live as soon as payment has been authorised. However, if you are unable to use this payment method or would like to request a tax exemption prior to posting, then please contact customer service for assistance.

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